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Leonard Cohen (Bird on a Wire): I have tried in my own way to be free
Mrs Hudson (BBC Sherlock): Sherlock! The mess you've made!

I am a failed lady, but will probably make a passable tramp.

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404, activists without blinkers, adrian mole, albert camus, albion, alcohol, analgesics, animals that are wrong, anomalies, arcadia, arthur rimbaud, bathrobes, bbc radio 4, big sad city, birds, boring things, breakfast beer, chasing cats, cheese, chess, chinese whispers, cinema, clocks, clumsiness, collarbones, cooking, decadence, delirium, depravity, dissidents, dissolution & debauchery, domestic alcoholism, drugs, drunk dancing, duality, dynamic space animals, dystopia, elvis costello, end of the world, escapism, eye circles, f. scott fitzgerald, facs, feminism, fog, foods, freedom, french, george orwell, graphomania, grey, grey sky, growing things, haarp, hallucinations, honesty, horology, houseboats, household management, ian curtis, impropriety, individuality, jake thackray, james joyce, journalism that doesn't suck, kefir, lewis carroll, linguistics, literature, london, lord byron, lucid dreaming, manipulation, may 1968, muse, music, musicals, narwhals, nocturnal tennis, normality, norsk, nosebleeds, nuances, occurences before dawn, ocd, one-offs, origami, oscar wilde, pathfinder, peter doherty, pin-ups, poetry, political incorrectness, pornography, post-mortem photography, public transport, radiohead, ramona herdman, rap, ray bradbury, rpg, saving the world, scarves, scotch, sex, sexual innuendos, sherlock holmes, shibari, sideburns, siegfried sassoon, skipping, snow, social experiments, space, space exploration, squatting, star wars, straight talking, street drinking, synaesthesia, tea, the cycle of laziness, the libertines, the matrix, the wire, time travel, toxicology, train stations, tramps, trespass, tweed, virginia woolf, w.h.auden, weltschmertz, whiskey, wilt, withnail & i, wrists
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